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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wine Tasting and Airrosti!!

Hi all, I hope everyone is well and I thank you for continuing to read my blog. Last week was so crazy!! I got maybe 4 hours of sleep each night due to both being extremely busy and due to anxiety. However, that is all past....and I had a successful event!

I worked the morning before the event and it was crazy - I could barely focus on work as all I could think about was what I still had to do to get ready. Plus, my friend who was going to help me with everything came down with a severe case of strep-throat...so I was on my own.

After I got off at 1pm, I went to get a pedicure, then picked up my programs from Office Depot (who did all of my printing), then got my hair straightened and other cosmetic adjustments, then loaded my car, picked up the cake, drove to Wine Styles, unloaded my car and set up for the silent auction. I got ready there at 5:30 pm and was ready to greet my guests by 6pm. From there it was non-stop excitement as I whirled around the room all night long ensuring all of my guests were happy and having a good time.

And, they all had a great time - the food was good, the music was great and the ambiance was perfect! Two of my friends helped me immensely during the event, and I am so grateful because I could not have done it all alone! All in all, I raised $2,200 and after expenses, $1,217 is the total proceeds.

I did learn a few things for the future - such as don't double the food order at the last minute, it would have been okay if we ran out of food at some point...don't print so many programs and don't make your plans so organized that it is hard to make changes without having to redo everything... Still, $1,200 is great and when that posts to my account, I will be $150 away from goal of $3,000!!

Now, regarding my running - you may recall that I mentioned that I had to fall out of the run last week because my foot hurt so much - well, I finally went to a doctor. However, instead of going to my regular doc, I went to Airrosti as they are known for rapid recovery (well known among athletes - especially runners). I saw Dr. Rios on Tuesday and his treatments have made a world of difference!

In fact, Dr. Rios and Dr. Wilson came to my wine tasting. It was nice for them to be there and a lot of my other guests enjoyed their company as well especially since so many of us were/are their patients! Anyway, I have seen Dr. Rios 3 times now and there has been dramatic improvement in my plantar fasciitis. The left side of my foot still hurts from time to time, but not as bad as it did.

The treatment is pretty painful but it seems to be getting better the more I see him. The pain the treatment inflicts is temporary and the ability to walk without pain afterwards is totally worth it!

Anyway, if you haven't heard of Airrosti, your should definitely check it out as it really does work! http://www.airrosti.com/

So, that is it for now. I am supposed to run 16 miles this Saturday which will be my longest distance ever and my first long run since I started Airrosti...wish me luck!!

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Training Log for Week Fifteen:
  • Wed, September 15: Ran 3.77 miles through Tobin Park in 53 minutes (14 min/mile)
  • Sat: September 18: Ran 7.62 miles through Olmos Basin. Finished in 1 Hours and 42 minutes (14 min/mile). Only ran the half-marathon distance as I had to be somewhere at 9am..

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