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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a week!

I am exhausted! My Wine Tasting is tomorrow. I have had so many last minute things happen! I have just been a little headless chicken. I have had anxiety attacks, deep senses of calm and extreme feelings of elation. I am so in awe over how everything has come together. People keep on asking me, how did you do all of this? I can honestly, say, I don't know!

I have always had a bit of an obsessive personality in that I cannot stop until I get the job done (one reason why I have a hard time with dating). Anyway, I just worked obsessively on the Wine Tasting and was unrelenting. I now have some amazing silent auction items from a signed photo of Spurs player, Antonio McDyess to a $840 gift certificate for a portrait with J Wilkinson Photography and so much more!

Not too mention, I just received word that the San Antonio Express News is sending a social photographer to take photos at the event! How amazing is that?!

I cannot wait for tomorrow - I have so many people expressing interest in coming that I doubled the food order. I hope that was not a mistake but I figured it is better to have too much food than not enough so I ordered enough to feed 100 people (I have 60 yes' on Facebook and 113 Maybe's).

In other news, I really hurt my foot this past Saturday. I actually had to fall out of the run at mile 6 or so. But I went to Airrosti (Sports Therapy Rehab). Dr. Rios worked on my foot and it feels much better. It still hurts and was a bit painful during my run today but it felt better overall.

So, it is late and I am so tired, so I am going to bid you goodnight. Please wish me luck tomorrow!

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Training Log for Week Fourteen:

  • Mon, September 5: Ran 5 miles in the SARR Whine Run in 1 hour and 14 minutes (15 min/mile).
  • Wed, September 1: Run Cancelled due to bad weather :-(
  • Sat: September 11: Ran 6.39 miles through Olmos Basin. Finished in 1 Hours and 47 minutes (17 min/mile). Did not finish as I hurt my foot and could not walk much less run :-(

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