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Please follow my blog to track my progress as I train with Team in Training to run in the San Antonio Rock and Roll half marathon while fundraising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! My goal is to raise $3000 by October 29, 2010.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Completely Redefined!

So, one thing I should say about myself is that I am generally horrible with keeping up with people. I find it so difficult to call friends, especailly those who live out of state. I am bad at returning emails and worse at regular snail mail. If I don't write the email right after I got the first one, I don't write it. In fact, there are probably 3-5 emails I need to respond to but haven't... I am just bad at keeping up with people...

So, why is this important? Well, being as I generally just graze through emails, skimming them and then forgetting about them, I failed to read a very important email that could have made a bit of a difference on Saturday. You see, I saw our training schedule and it read that we were falling back this week and running ten miles. A correction email was sent, but I failed to read it. So you can imagine my surprise when I arrived at the run on Saturday to learn that I was not running ten miles, but actually 14!!

14 Miles?! I mean, I have to psyche myself up to run long distances and I was not psyched at all! Ok, so 10 miles is a long distance, but it was one that I have done before, and so it did not seem so daunting - but 14? That is a whole four miles longer!!! Things change at 14. For example, I need extra fuel and an extra battery for my phone. I only brought one package of fuel and one battery...luckily the water stops had some power gel but my batter died at about mile 12. Part of that was my fault though as I was taking pictures during my run.

I pretty much ran by myself for most of the run, though my coach and friend, Ronda ran with me the last 2 miles. I was so grateful for her company as she really helped to bring me in. However, the first 12 miles were alone, but it wasn't as hard as it would seem. I actually felt like much of it was a meditation or a prayer. The hill country is just so beautiful and I get to see it in such an awesome way! Running up and down the hills, challenging my body to new limits and doing it all as the Sun is rising - it is just so beautiful! Every step is like a prayer, thanking God for His creation.

The only problem with running alone; however, was that I had no one to keep up with, which meant I ran a lot slower than usual. It took me 4 hours to finish! I can't run that slow on race day as that means it would take almost 8 hours to finish (if I decide to run the full marathon)!

You know, thinking about not being good at keeping up with people, I am just amazed that I have been keeping up with this blog. When I started it, I was nervous because I had started other blogs in the past with no success.

Running and fundraising has become such a large part of my life. I think that this expereince has really made an impact on who I am. It may sound overly dramatic, but everyday I see myself surpassing boundaries I had once deemed unobtainable. I see myself reaching goals and finding success in things that at least one person had said I could never do. Realizing that you have the ability to reach a once unobtainable goal is very powerful.

My dad put a comment on my facebook page the other day. He said, "You've come a long way, Julie! Not too many people could so completely redefine themselves as you have over the last 5 years. Keep your eyes on the prize...and keep running the good race! (2 Timothy 4:7)"

This reminded me of where I was five years ago. Some of you may be surprised to know that I was a very sad person. I spent many years in a dysfunctional marriage, had zero self esteem and the idea of walking one block was out of the question. I had a hard time getting out of bed every morning and had no concept of reaching goals.

Somehow, in the last five years, that all changed. Sure it was gradual and took time. It was certainly not easy, there was a lot of pain and I had to face several uncomfortable truths about myself. But I faced them, I conquered them and I moved on. Now, I am a different person. I am happy and confident. I set goals that others think are crazy and I obtain them!

Ok, this is getting a bit long, so I will just say a one more thing about my Wine Tasting. The planning is going well. I have been collecting my silent auction items. I am still working on others and I am getting a good response from people. I also made flyers which I am now distributing. I think I am on track for a great event!

On that note, I also want to give a shout out to Melissa Smiley with Painting with a Twist. This is an incredible place that offers classes which walk you through painting a masterpiece. I have done it and was amazed with the picture I painting (which I got to keep and is on my living room wall)! Melissa donated a gift certifcate for one class, wine glasses and two paintings. One painting, Cherry Blossoms, go with the gift set while the other, Starry Night, is a door prize. Anyway, this is an awesome place to go for a night out! http://www.paintingwithatwist.com/sanantonio/

Well, thank you for reading. I also received a lot of feedback last week which was great! I really loved to hear your thoughts about my posts and am just so happy that you are actually enjoying reading this. Have a great week!

Your Friend,

Training Log for Week Eleven:

  • Mon, August 16: Ran 2.3 miles at the Phil Hardberger park in 35 minutes (15 min/mile).
  • Tues, August 17: Cycled 4.95 miles at Brackenridge Park in 41 minutes (8 min/mile).
  • Sat: August 21: Ran 14.1 miles though La Cantera. Finished in 4 Hours and 2 minutes (17 min/mile).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Simply Amazing....

So planning a silent auction is a lot of work! I spend practically every extra moment that is not spent working or training for the marathon trying to get silent auction donations. I call businesses during my lunch breaks, I email them at night before bed, and I visit them on the weekends.

Most companies have been very nice and supportive. Most of them are excited to help out. There were a few rude ones but I guess it was because they get so many requests. Still, don't take it out on me, I could be a future client...

Here are a few of the donations I got this week!!!

I am also hoping to get another hotel stay, airline tickets, Spurs merchandise and some more unique items that will appeal to a wide demographic.

In return for the business' support, I am going to put an ad or press release in the San Antonio Express News, publically thanking them. The comapnies that donate do so to support a good cause but also to drive business. So please, if you are in San Antonio, patronize my donors!

As busy as it is making all these calls, etc - it has been a lot of fun. It is so empowering; in fact, at times it seems surreal. I often ask myself, "is this me? am I really doing this?" I mean, I am training for a marathon and I am putting together the biggest event I have ever planned. I am really amazed at what I am doing....

So, speaking of being amazed, I ran 12 miles this past Saturday. It was crazy! Just like last week, I got very stiff around mile 8 or 9. I kept on pushing and I made it but it was rough. We ran through the Texas Hill Country again. Man, those hills were killer. If anyone tries to tell me that Texas is all flat, well I have the leg muscles to prove them wrong!!

Regarding the run, I did not recover as quickly this weekend as I did last weekend. Mainly, I think it was because I was not able to take an ice bath. I went to my parent's house after the run as I had errands to run on their side of town so I didn't drive all the way back home. The problem is, they don't have a bathtub in the guest bathroom, just a really big shower, so I laid on the bottom of the shower and had the water running on me as cold as possible. It didn't help too much as I was sore the whole day and into Sunday. Doing ten miles again this Saturday - definately taking an Ice Bath.

I am also going to Austin this weekend with some of my single lady friends. I am very excited as I have never been to Austin and I hear that 6th street is awesome - so I am really looking forward to it.

Oh, well, that is all for now. Thanks for reading my blog and please, check out my donors :-)

Til next time,


Training Log for Week Ten:

  • Mon, August 9: Ran 2.26 miles at the Phil Hardberger park in 32 minutes (14 min/mile)
  • Thurs, August 12: Ran 4.02 miles at the San Antonio Riverwalk in 50 minutes (13 min/mile).
  • Sat: August 14: Ran 12.1 miles though La Cantera. Finished in 3 Hours and 2 minutes (15 min/mile).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

10 Miles and $1,000

Hey y'all! This past Saturday I both ran 10 miles and raised $1000 to fight Leukemia and Lymphoma!! I actually have $1,070 posted and another $184 to post for a total of $1,254!! That means only $1,746 to go!!

Ok, so $1,746 is a lot, but $1,254 seemed like a lot too... One thing that will help is the Wine Tasting and Silent Auction that I have planned on September 16, 2010.

I have included my inviation below:

Enjoy a night of food, fun, wine and a chance to support a great cause!

On September 16, I am hosting a Wine Tasting and Silent Auction to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We will be serving food, have live music, door prizes and of course, Wine! If wine is not your thing, WineStyles also offers a selection of beer and Sangria.

Silent Auction items include Spurs Tickets, Teeth Whitening courtesy of Dr. Goss, DDS, Mary K...ay 'Pamper Me' Gift Basket, Hand-Crafted jewelry, Wine Basket, 30 Minute Massage and much more!

The cost is $25.00 per person if purchased in advanced or $30.00 at the door. **Also, if you bring five(5) people with you, your ticket will be free!

You can purchase online through my PayPal Account or you can pay me directly. All proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Please click on the "Donate" button in the top right corner to purchase your ticket for the Wine Tasting.

I am hoping for at least 60-70 people, so please, bring a friend!!

So running ten miles was very exciting and painful...I did pretty well until mile 8 and then I started to get stiff. The last mile was not fun at all but I pushed through it because I knew I was almost done! When I got home, I took an ice bath, stretched deeply and rested. I actually wasn't very sore on Sunday. Anyway, I am running 12 miles this Saturday, so wish me luck!!

Till Next Time,


Training Log for Week Nine:

  • Mon, August 2: Ran 2.62 miles at the Phil Hardberger park in 34 minutes (13 min/mile)
  • Wed, August 4: Walked 2.24 miles at Brackenridge Park in 35 minutes (15 min/mile)
  • Thurs, August 5: Ran 4.51 miles at Shavano Park in 1 hour and 8 minutes (15 min/mile).
  • Sat: August 7: Ran 10.29 miles though La Cantera. Finished in 2 Hours and 25 minutes (14 min/mile).

This is me after running 10 miles :-)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Setting New Records!!!

Hey y'all, so this week I set a new record as I ran 8 miles on Saturday! Woo Hoo! 8 miles - woot woot! Anyway, I have been running intervals. According to a spreadsheet I received from my TNT coaches, my optimum interval (based on my pace) is 2/1 - run for two minutes and walk for one.

Its amazing because everything that they have been teaching has really been working. Running intervals is supposed to help because you allow your body to rest and slow down the build up of lactic acid in your muscles. So that means that you can run faster when you are running and you won't be so sore the next day. They also teach that low-fat chocolate milk is a good recovery drink after a run and they taught us to use what's called a foam roller after the run. So I did it, I ran intervals on the 8 mile run, then I drank low-fat chocolate milk and used the foam roller and guess what?! I was not even sore the next day!! It was quite amazing...

So this coming week, we will be hitting the double digits. I am running 10 miles this Saturday and I am curious to see if I am as successful.

Another thing that was excited about this week was that instead of running on Thursday, I went to a Zumba class at the McNay Museum of Art. They had three instructors from the Spectrum Athletic Club who alternated leading the dances. We did everything from Cumbia, Meringue, Greek style dancing, Bollywood dancing, Belly dancing and African style dancing. It was an awesome experience because of the atmosphere. Being in the museum and dancing so many cultural dances really made me feel like I was a part of the art that makes the Museum so beautiful.

I am also doing good in fundraising as well. I am planning my fundraiser, I have several items for the silent auction such as handmade jewelry, 100 cup commercial grade coffee maker, teeth whitening from my dentist and I am working on a lot more. I am trying to get a weekend getaway package at a local hotel, some restaurant gift certificates and maybe some Spurs items. We will see, but I am excited!

So that is about it for now. I am super busy in other ares of my life. I am currently working on a project at work that will be one of the determining factors to whether or not I am promoted, I went to a party at a friend's house on Saturday where we were up until 2 in the morning playing board games and laughing so hard it made my head hurt and I may be selected to be on the Pastoral Council at my Church...so I am a busy woman!!

But it is all a good busy. I am busy and have little time to myself anymore, but I feel so much more confident and self-reliant than I ever have in my entire life. I am so excited to see this new direction my life has taken and I hope I can continue to keep up with it because I like where it is going!

Anyway, for all of you that read my blog. I appreciate you so much. Please send me a note or comment and let me know who you are. Take care!

Lots of Love,


Training Log for Week Eight:
  • Mon, July 26: Ran 2.45 miles at the Phil Hardberger park in 40 minutes (16 min/mile)
  • Tues, July 27: Ran 3.25 miles at the San Antonio Riverwalk in 45 minutes (14 min/mile)
  • Thurs, July 29: Danced Zumba at the McNay Museum for 1 Hour.
  • Sat: July 31: Ran 8.1 miles at Brackenridge Park. Finished in 2 Hours and 5 minutes (15 min/mile).